Ring Video Doorbell Elite
Product Information
Ring Video Doorbell Elite
Product category
Home & Garden > Home Improvement > Building & Hardware > Doors & Door Hardware > Doorbells
Product Properties
Ring Doorbell Elite
Estimated shipping weight
3.42 lb
Actual weight
3.42 lb
Volumetric weight
3.11 lb
Additional Information
A new kind of doorbell sure - ring's video doorbell elite is a doorbell, but it's also much more .
It's a powerful home security camera in a streamlined, flush-mounted package, and its companion mobile app is fully loaded with features that allow you to keep an eye on your home from wherever you are.
Power-over-ethernet if your current doorbell operates at a voltage between 16 and 24 volts ac, you can wire this so that it triggers your old chime when someone rings the bell.
However , it cannot be powered by your doorbell transformer.
The ring video doorbell elite receives its power via ethernet networking cable for the most reliable connection available and the highest quality hd video and audio transfer.
Keep tabs with your phone or tablet not at home?
Not a problem.
When someone rings your bell, you'll get an instant notification on your mobile device.
You can answer from the app while checking out an hd view of your visitors, and they won't know you aren't at home unless you want them to.
Answer the door from wherever you are.
Catch the important action but when someone is up to no good - like stealing your freshly delivered packages - they probably aren't ringing the bell.
Ring video doorbell elite definitely has you covered there with infrared night vision and advanced motion detection.
You can create your own custom motion zones within the app, so that you can keep an eye on specific parts of your yard while avoiding heavily trafficked street areas.
That way, your important notifications don't get lost in the shuffle.
The motion sensitivity slider allows you to fine-tune what triggers a motion event.
Its scale ranges from people only to all activity.
Motion scheduling allows you to turn off the motion detection on certain days and times - trash pickup day, for example.
Optional cloud storage the camera streams live footage to the app 24/7, but if you want to save or send video clips, you'll need a ring protect plan.
Ring Protect is a subscription-based cloud
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