Facio Double Stay Rouge 841pk Kose
Product Information
Facio Double Stay Rouge 841pk Kose
Product category
Health & Beauty > Makeup > Lips > Lipstick
Product Properties
Dose Not Apply
Estimated shipping weight
1 lb
Actual weight
0.04 lb
Volumetric weight
0.03 lb
Additional Information
Kose fasio double stay rouge pk841 pink 10g lip color condition: new brand:fasio skin type:dry skin, normal skin product type:liquid product benefits:shiny product weight:10 grams color:pk841 pink fragrance:unscented country of origin:japan contents:10g women always want to look beautiful.
Some days she works from morning to night.
There are days when you want to play to your heart's content.
There are days when you can meet someone important to you.
I want to be confident & positive without worrying about my makeup falling apart.
Fasio was developed for all such women.
A material that enhances durability & a design that is comfortable to use.
It is a "high-performance cosmetic" that uses cutting-edge technology to keep you looking flawless all day long.
The makeup of a woman who shines every day is beautiful & does not fall off.
Liquid rouge with 2 steps to keep the color & luster from fading ◆ liquid rouge that does not come off easily in 2 steps.
Since there is no need to dry, you can immediately apply a top coat after applying the color base, & the beautiful color & luster will last all day. ◆ contains glossy stay ingredients.
Increases the volatilization speed of the volatile oil & adheres the color of the color base to the lips. ◆ contains color stay ingredients.
Beautiful color lasts for a long time. ◆ contains a large amount of soft film ingredients.
It gives a supple & effortless finish. ◆ contains moisturizing capsules.
It leads to plump luster & moist lips. ◆ it is natural beauty color development that it is easy to use regardless of generation, the scene. ◆ unscented precautions for use do not use if your lips are dry or dry.
Do not use on areas with abnormalities such as wounds, swelling, or eczema.
Discontinue use if any abnormalities appear on your lips.
If you experience any abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itchiness, or irritation, discontinue use & consult a dermatologist.
Symptoms may worsen with continued use.
The colo...
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